Sunday, 24 July 2011


So recently I cobbled together the parts required to make a hot wire cutter to shape foam and polystyrene. These are a few test pieces of terrain I made over the last 3 days.

Friday, 17 June 2011

Mycetic Spores

With Games Workshop currently not having a model for Mycetic Spores, a while back I bought a few "Mega Bloks - Plasma Hatchers" cheaply on Amazon. The idea was to do as little work as possible but still look good and fit in with the rest of the army.  These toys fitted my requirements perfectly.

Knowing that somewhere down the line that GW may well release a Mycetic Spore model I didn't want to spend a fortune or too much of my time on completing them. I bought 3 of them and paid about £3.00 each, so it's no big deal if I ever need to replace them with an official model. 

Monday, 13 June 2011

Back To Blogging My Tyranids.

So after what has been a longer than desired/planned break from my Tyranids I'm back to completing my army.

Over the last year I've been learning and playing 5th edition. I’ve joined a local gaming club which I attend fortnightly and have been busy building a Dark Angels army. Before I left the hobby some years ago I collected Dark Angels and Space Marines seemed like the perfect starter army to relearn 40k with. Now I'm happy I have grasped the rules again I'm ready to complete my Tyranids and hopefully get involved in the tournament scene here in the UK.

So what to expect on this blog over the next few weeks/months?